Our garden

You can enjoy a magical view of the surrounding landscape from our garden. At about 50 metres from the residence the Baruncina vyhlidka viewpoint is situated with its altitude 444 metres, the place from which you can admire many near and further spots, among them the towns of Cerveny Kostelec, Ceska Skalice, Hradec Kralove or Kuneticka Hora castle as well as the whole panorama of Krkonose and Orlicke Hory mountains.

You can reach Barunka viewpoint in two ways. Across or around the garden. The first way leads you through a small park. From its many beautiful trees and plants let us name its dominant – an amazing Liliodendrom tulipifera, about 80 years old tree with its breath-taking leaves in the shape of a tulip originally coming from the North America. The same trees are planted in Prague Castle alley. What attracts your attention when closely reaching the Barunka viewpoint is the hedge of Rhododendron trees also about 80 years old. Especially in spring when they come into flower, the whole garden brightens. At the end of the way you pass high-grown birch trees together with newly planted silver firs.

The second way you can choose to reach the viewpoint leads you around the park. In the past the park was lined with bushes shaped by cutting. However, after some time of leaving it unmaintained, the bushes changed into ugly mess and needed to be cut down. Therefore, a new hedge was planted from the bushes chosen for their beautiful flowers and suitable for birds and their nesting.

Is it a beautiful place for Your wedding, isn't it?

Are you thinking about an unusual place for Your unique wedding day? What about holding a wedding in the picturesque countryside, in the garden of the Villa BARBORA, with a beautiful view to the mountains.

Our garden have created for this purpose. Summer-house at garden is ready to arrange the wedding ceremony. Wedding reception can take place in all areas of our residence. Please contact us for more information.

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