Rental Velorexů

Hadrák, hadraplán, montgomerák, velouš or fleeing tent - all this is a historic Photography :

Photography : was originally produced as a small-lot production brothers Stránských, later production was nationalized and in the Solnici started to produce as a vehicle for the disabled.


take a Ride with the wind in your hair

And just in this beautiful and unique environment of the top locality of the giant mountains-orlického mezihoří we offer You option to make use of the tours in the Velorexech (after the agreement can be Velorexu assigned to the driver or the driver of a competitor). You can choose based on your own judgment and experience of several models:

  • Photography : with the content of the 175ccm
  • Photography : with the content of the 250ccm
  • Photography : with the content of the 250ccm (right hand drive vehicles, intended for export that England)
  • Photography : with the content of the 350ccm
  • Photography : with the content of the 750ccm (added according to the requirement of the japanese customer about the japanese motor)

the Condition is a good health status, life/accident insurance (the possibility of conclusion before the riding), and the driving license and in last but not least, the approval or recommendation by the partner.

All prices are contractual in according to the customer's requirement. Looking forward to You and sports team Villa Barbora, the winner of the championship of the republic in the Velorexech in the years 2009 and 2010, held in the Boskovice.

Who don't know/does not know what is Photography : can continue smoothly to the history of Velorexech...


the History of the three-wheel vehicles is very rich, development has always been inspired by the simple construction, the lower requirements for technology news and it is precisely these characteristics helped us to fill the three-wheeled vehicle gap between motorcycles and cars. The aim of the trike was mainly it satisfy the demands of the market, the higher the security, comfort than a motorcycle and more economical operation, maintenance, but mainly price than that  was  cars.

Shortly after the second world war vrostla hugely demand for small cars like BMW, Zundapp, Messerschmidt with us created the first prototype in the year 1943 in the workshop of the brethren Stránských. The basic Design of the three-wheel vehicle was based on a tubular construction, covered with a thin duralovým sheet and the rest was posbírán of spare parts for motorcycles and thus arose the OSCAR. Follow the demand of the market for any of the vehicles has she deleted the development of this model into serial production at the same time, the production moved in 1951 to the Salt works in the Orlicke mountains. In November 1971 was the production of three-wheel Velorexů terminated by

In the year 2010 at the fair Motosalon at the brno exhibition centre was introduced the successor to the  Velorexu under the new brand Velor-x-trike. The new model, which is equipped with the latest technology, due to the recalls the old photography : and the tendency of the body, the drive unit of the motorcycle, and the cap for a tank or vents at the intake of the engine. The newly added xenon lights, LCD touch display, four-point belts. The original canvas coat is constructed from the laminate.

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